Electric Guitar Fretboard Addict App Reviews

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Horrible touch interface

This would probably be one of the top apps for fret board learning; however, touch sensitivity is awful. Specially at the zero fret. But I do find myself tapping multiple times just to register. Fix this, and app will be great! It's like driving to Disney world in a car that keeps breaking down.


Love this app, simple to use and makes learning easy. I also use it when I need to look up a specific note on the fretboard.


Great tool!


I'm a huge fan of the guitar and of all the hundreds of useless apps that I have, this is the greatest and the one I use with greatest frequency. it's awesome!

Simply great

Wish they would let you find all the triad notes and their octaves for barre chords and such instead of only the three for that specific triad, and allow you to limit the fretboard to a certain number even with the chord practice feature like with the customs note feature, but the fact remains that there isn't another app like this anywhere else. When work is slow or when I'm at home with my headphones I can train myself to learn the fretboard note locations. Nothing replaces practice, but my development would be nothing if it wasn't for this. Great app.


Love it!

Expensive, but good

Fun and addicting way to learn the notes. A lot less boring than traditional ways.

Definately helps learn the fret board.

I think it is pretty cool, price a little high but i don't want to write the app. So Thanks and I hope there is a version 2.

Awesome app

I have been playing guitar for years and only knew the notes of each string...within 5 mins I now know almost all the notes....

Solo not working

I wanted to update my review as the solo feature is now working plus the developer responded to my questions quickly. This app is excellent for learning the fretboard. I would rate it 5 stars if we weren't nickled and dimed to death for each new feature. Past comments: First, would have expected solo feature to be free, at least for those of us who have purchased your app already and supported your development. Second, the in app purchase does not work.

Fretboard addict

Must have. Great way to practice any where.

Must have

If you wish to learn the fretboard this is a must have app!!!

Fretboard addict

I like this! It should help me remember where all the notes are and it's fun!


I've noticed a few errors, though. The problem I have is that a note will pop up on the low e, the exact same fret will come up on the high e, and it will tell me I'm wrong when I put in the answer! Ex - g will come up on low e and again on high e. It says I'm right on one but not the other. Besides that it's ok. Not worth $5, but ok. I would have rated higher if it was cheaper.

Pretty good

The actual Game part is pretty much exactly as described. You start building pitch to fret to notation associations. After reading the directions, the setup is easy enough, but i still think the process could be more clear. Not sure exactly how, so I don't have specific suggestions there. In the game, i would love it if i could answer the note on a piano style keyboard. I find that i spend almost as much time looking for the answer as I do on figuring out the answer.

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